Performance and Band Opportunities

Wild Adventures will provide an area in the park courtyard for the performance that will give access to electricity. Your group will need to bring all instruments and equipment for the performance, including chairs, stands, extension cords, etc. Wild Adventures will allow your group to unload equipment in the parking lot, at the closet public entrance to the courtyard. Following your performance, we will grant the same access for reloading of equipment.

Wild Adventures requires your accurate attendance count be provided at least 2 weeks prior to the performance. (One final adjustments to the total number will be accepted on park the day of your performance.)

Meals can be purchased per student at the restaurants locations within the park, lunches can be brought by the group for consumption outside the park in the picnic area, or a group picnic can be purchased for $8.99 per person plus tax. Group picnic meal will include an all you can eat, 45 minute, buffet consisting of: chicken fingers, hotdogs, potato chips and ice cream cups, along with unlimited coke products.  NOTE:  If the catering minimum is not met for that day, your buffet will be changed to meal vouchers at no additional charge.

To select your performance date and plan your trip, please call (229)219-7080 or email